Let Digi stand watch with SkyCloud,
a point and click solution for
industrial monitoring and control

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Digi's SkyCloud Service

Digi specializes in complete solution development and deployment. We take care of your project; from hardware integration and configuration to network selection and deployment. All you have to do is log into your account and see the status of your network. No time? No worries! We’ll notify you via email or text message if there is a problem.

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End to End Solutions:

Point, Click, Deploy

Connect your Sensors

Digi controllers interface with a wide-range of sensors to seamlessly and quickly bring data into the system for processing. Standard support includes current and voltage for analog data, wet and dry contacts, Modbus RTU and TCP, and other OEM specific protocols.

Web-based Logic Configuration

Input your sensor types using our web-based configuration. Data will be brought in and normalized for immediate use with logic for alarming, controlling other on-site systems as well as phone, cloud and email reporting for a complete end to end solution.

Secure Communications

Digi controllers securely and efficiently move data over cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks. Our cellular controllers are provisioned for use on domestic and international carriers.

Manage from SkyCloud

Sensor data is processed at the edge and then passed to SkyCloud so you can seamlessly manage your assets from one location. Look at real-time actionable data with customizable alarms and reports.

Consolidate Information

Consolidate Information

SkyCloud provides a complete snapshot of your network and all equipment within it. Tailor the amount of information you receive to make informed decisions.
Manage Efficiently

Manage Efficiently

Save time by seeing the total picture and managing personnel, equipment and resources in a way that makes sense.
Reduce Overhead

Reduce Overhead

Knowledge is power. Keep equipment and installations running optimally all while reducing truck-rolls, wear & tear, and waste.
No Code

No Code

Digi’s Automation Control Application allows you to develop custom solutions to complex problems without writing low level code. Web-based configuration is developed on the controller and automatically deployed to the cloud.
Easy to Customize

Easy to Customize

Installations change over time. Digi’s automation platform is developed precisely to adapt to your organization’s needs. Changes can be made effortlessly ensuring the longevity of your investment.
Your Data

Your Data

Digi eliminates the need for servers to control groups of endpoints. Each endpoint is autonomous and capable of local monitoring and control, and you control the data without having to rely on a third-party.